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The new challenges for season 5, week 6 of Fortnite have arrived, and there’s one rather strange one among them. The “search between” challenges are nothing new, usually telling you to hunt between three random objects on the map for a battle star, but this week? We’re being asked to “search where the Stone Heads are looking.”

There are six of those across the entire Fortnite map in season 5, and none of them are especially close together. They are one of the only historical “artifacts” that made their way through rifts for the time travel theme of season 5, along with the Viking Village, and they’ve done relatively little so far other than be a nice source of chests if you come across them.

Go here to see how to complete five time trials. Go here to see how to solve all week 6’s challenges.

But fans did figure out relatively early on that they were all looking in one direction, before this challenge was ever issued. Despite being on opposite ends of the map, they were all staring toward a central point. There was a theory that this might be a new season 5 mystery to be uncovered, but in truth it seems it was only leading up to this challenge.

Here are the six heads and the directions they’re looking. As you can see, they’re all staring toward a central point on the map, Salty Springs. Read Full Article..

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